FACTS FACTS Payment Plans and Grant & Aid Financial Aid Application
(Creating a FACTS account and selecting a payment plan is required to enroll with St. Cecilia School.)

  Sycamore Enrollment Application (Grades K-8)

  Tuition Agreement & Payment Selection Form

  Diocesan Cumulative File Form (Kindergarten and New Student ONLY)


Tuition Rates and Fees:  2022-23

The tuition rates for the 2023-24 school year have not been approved by the St. Cecilia Parish Finance Council as of yet. The Tuition Rates listed in the tables below are from the previous school year. The school fees listed below will remain the same as last year. These are used to cover the cost of textbooks, materials, and other routine expenses associated with the operation of the school.  St. Cecilia School and Parish strive to keep the tuition rates low with minimal to no raise each year. This is possible because St. Cecilia Parish generously chooses to cover a large portion of the school’s expenses each year.

St. Cecilia School offers two payment options for tuition:

  • Pay the entire balance in full by August 1.
  • Pay the tuition in (12) monthly installments.  Payments will begin in July and end in June. This must be set up through automatic withdrawal with FACTS.

Each family must complete a Tuition Payment Agreement Form to set up the tuition payments or to indicate payment in full. This form may be returned with the required printed forms from the online registration process. If you have any questions, please contact the school office at (859) 363-4314.

  2022-2023   2022-2023  
K - 8 Active Parishioner Total Tuition & Fees Inactive Parishioner Total Tuition & Fees
1 Child $4,863 $5,193 $5,363 $5,693
2 Children $7,246 $7,906 $7,746 $8,406
3 of More $8,323 $9,313 $8,823 $9,813
School Fees $330   $330  
  per student   per student  
  2022-2023   2022-2023  
Preschool Active Parishioner Total Tuition & Fees Inactive Parishioner Total Tuition & Fees
3 Yr $1,618 $1,708 $1,818 $1,908
4 Yr (3 day) $1,930 $2,020 $2,130 $2,220
4 Yr (4 day) $2,573 $2,663 $2,773 $2,863
School Fees $90   $90  
  $60   $60  
  per student   per student  
Daycare $35 Full Day   1 yr old  
  $20 Half Day (less than 6 hrs) 2 yr old  
      3-5 yr old  

K-8 Fees: $330 ($100 registration is applied to the school fee)

Registration Fee (per child):
$100.00 - January 18th - Open

$150.00 - after May 1st
$200.00 - after July 1st

*Active Parishioner Rates are reciprocal for St. Barbara, St. Matthew, St. Patrick, and All Saints Parishes


Q.  What applications need to be completed in order to start the registration process?
Sycamore Application (https://sycamore.school/family/admissions/register)
     FACTS Account & Payment Plan set up:  (https://online.factsmgt.com/signin/3WHNB)
     Registration Fee - $100/per student (checks made payable to St. Cecilia School)
     (late fees will apply after May 1st)

Q.  What documentation do I need to provide when registering my child in school?
A.  Each student must have on file:
     - Diocesan Cumulative Form 
     - Tuition Agreement Form
     - Copy of legal Birth Certificate
     - Copy of Social Security Card

     - Preventative Health Care Examination Form
     - Current Kentucky Certificate of Immunization
     - Copy of Baptismal Certificate (if applicable)

Q. What immunizations are required?
A.  For information on the Kentucky Immunization Program, call (502) 564-4478 or visit the Immunization Program webpage.

Q. How do I prove my child was immunized?
A. A current immunization certificate must be on file at the school within two weeks of the child's enrollment.

Q. Where can I get copies of the required health forms?
A. The health forms are available on the Immunization Program webpage or you may obtain them from your child's doctor.