Our Mission


St. Cecilia School prepares students for life by providing an engaging, high-quality education, guided by the teachings of our Catholic Faith, where students live out the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.


St. Cecilia endorses the call of the Catholic Bishops of the United States to express its educational ministry through the objectives of personal spirituality, social justice, and a strong academic program in accordance with the curriculum guidance for Catholic school education for the Diocese of Covington. Just as Jesus was a teacher, we believe that St. Cecilia Roman Catholic School is an integral part of St. Cecilia Parish’s mission to assist our parents as their children’s initial teachers. We do this by formalizing and intensifying the Catholic education that has its origin in the Catholic home. St. Cecilia Roman Catholic School provides a safe climate that challenges students intellectually, culturally, socially, spiritually, and physically. Positive decision-making, critical thinking and spiritual development is fostered. As emergent learners, students realize their importance in the global society to become responsible stewards to live and walk by faith.